This two-day (16-hour) course is primarily geared toward managers who want to acquire organizational management tools in an Agile context and better understand how to manage Agile environments and teams. This practical course is based on real-life experiences of the trainer.

The course includes Agile management, complexity theory, motivation, organizational structures, delegation and self-organization, skills development, creation and monitoring of objectives, and management of organizational change.

This course includes the theoretical explanation and practical examples of the specific tools of Management 3.0 described in the book of the same name. Management 3.0 shares techniques and strategies used by organizations of recognized success throughout the world.

You will be able to learn from real cases and to stay engaged in the practical activities to better implement studied concepts.

Course content

During two days, the following sections will be studied theoretically and practically:


At the end of the training, all participants will obtain the official certification in Management 3.0.


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