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Register for Certified Business Resilience Practitioner2,000 companies participated in the 2019 Global Crisis Survey, 69% have experienced a crisis in the last 5 years and just under 20% say they have been harmed by such experience. Meanwhile, more than 40% say they are “in a better place” after the crisis.

We are now going through a global crisis and we are all experiencing the effect of being unprepared. Some companies will end up getting stronger in the new normal, others will end up destroyed.

In ten years, Agile will not be enough, we will need to build a new level of organizational adaptability and resilience. Understand organizational resilience as the ability of an organization to quickly recover from unexpected difficulties that put its continuity at risk.

To ensure the continuity of a business, the development of Resilience must be a key factor in the organizational strategy. In this class, you will learn a simple and effective framework for building organizational resilience, planning, and facilitating crisis simulations in your organization and the teams that comprise it. As part of this course, you will learn how to run crisis simulations and how those simulations help organizations not only to be prepared to overcome extreme changes in the market and adapt more quickly to new conditions, but also to become disruptive change within the market. market.

In the Certified Business Resilience Practitioner course you will learn

  • How to project operational, financial, reputational and human impact of possible crisis scenarios in your organization and teams, as well as to increase your capacity to respond to these threats.
  • How to simulate disruptions in your business and verify how your company will respond and generate solutions to crises.
  • To develop processes, practices, structures, allies and tools to achieve the best possible result in disruptive scenarios.
  • How to take advantage of business agility and business resilience to activate the capacity for innovation in your organization and become the player that stands out and revolutionizes the market.


Purpose and context of Organizational resilience

  • Resilience and Business Resilience
  • Resilience and complexity

Processes to develop Resilience

  • Scenario planning cycle
  • Simulation cycle

Resilient Structures

  • Open Space technology
  • Control layout design

Culture in Resilient Organizations

  • Leadership for Resilience
  • Culture and Values

In the Certified Business Resilience Practitioner course you will get:

  • a high-quality training session from the leading provider of education in the Agile and Scrum space
  • practical tools to develop organizational resilience in your company
  • will learn how to plan and facilitate crisis simulations in your organization and the teams that compose it
  • ability and knowledge to change your organization

If you want to know more about importance of Resilience and crisis simulations, watch the talk of our trainer on Business Agility conference in New York:


Nov 08 2021


Time Zone (Europe/Madrid)
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


350 euro + VAT


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