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Certified Agile Coaching Fundamentals in English

To sustain the purpose and find the true benefit that Agility proposes, it is essential to activate in the Scrum Master, Product Owner and members of the agile team, the mental models, the connection with meaning and values, which together with the relational dynamics and conversations, will generate the long-awaited capacity for continuous adaptation to the needs of customers, which you can learn in our Certified Agile Coaching Fundamentals class.


Register for Certified Agile Coaching Fundamentals classWhat is coaching and how can it create value in the context of agility? What skills, mental model and values underlie coaching practice? What does a coaching conversation look like? What kind of learnings can the customer expect?

Certified Agile Coaching Fundamentals is a 15-hours training that brings agility professionals closer to acquiring fundamental coaching skills to generate meaningful learning in people who perform roles in the territory of agility.

In this training you will learn the difference between professional coaching and consulting, you will understand what coaching conversation is and the skills to make it effective, you will learn about the design of fundamental conversations for Scrum Master, Product Owner, development team, leaders and managers of the organization where you work.

This training is eminently practical, it integrates various facilitation methodologies. You will experiment, analyze and practice individually, in pairs and in groups models and skills for the coaching conversation. During the three days of the program, you will exercise step by step the moments of a coaching conversation based on Dancefloor, a framework that condenses 8 perspectives necessary for the development of people, leaders and organizations.


· Purpose and the mental model of coaching that distinguishes it from other disciplines such as consulting and psychotherapy.

· Dancefloor as a framework to structure the coaching conversation and its use to facilitate learning in the territory of agility.

· Relevance of and how to inquire to clarify the client’s development purpose, establishing the necessary learning to face and manage the current context.

· How to explore the context in which the client operates to understand the challenge presented and clearly establish the learning gap.

· Establish coaching agreements that take care of the relationship with the client and the purpose of the coaching.

· Effective listening, inquiry and expression skills as fundamental skills in coaching conversation and as skills to offer clients as the basis for their effective communication and conversational competence.

· Facilitate the exploration and generation of possibilities and action commitments to achieve the purpose.

· Understand the relevance of conversations such as: establishing personal and shared purpose, conversation to explore and generate context and agreements, feedback conversation, negotiation and coordination, for the achievement of the client’s purpose.

· Use the Dancefloor as a framework for the design and practice of relevant conversations for your clients and their teams.

· How to increase self-awareness about the identity, values ​​and beliefs of the client and how they support or hinder actions that would bring them closer to the purpose.

· How to generate practice and application commitments by the client, also extending learning to other domains and challenges.


This course is recommended for:

· Scrum Masters and Product Owners who want to deepen the skills necessary to exercise their role and improve interaction with other team members.

· Consultants who want to add a coaching approach to their professional practice.

· Agile Coaches who want to explore alternatives and strengthen their skills for a better practice of their profession.

· HR Specialists who want to use coaching tools in recruitment, during meetings, negotiations to increase the productivity of work.

· Entrepreneurs and leaders who want to increase the productivity of work, increase the effectiveness of work with teams, combining employee motivation with the goals of the organization.


  • you will explore a deep understanding of the essence of coaching through the learning of the theoretical part and practicing the skills during the training;
  • you will become part of a community of people who is interested in developing coaching skills as you are and who will support you during your learning journey;
  • 15 synchronous hours of ACSTH by the ICF and 15 Scrum Education Units® (SEU®) by the Scrum Alliance;
  • unique opportunity to participate in 2 sessions of the Coaching Dojo during the training. Register for Certified Agile Coaching FundamentalsCoaching Dojo is a safe environment, where you will be able to check and hone your coaching skills in the context of Agility. You will receive feedback, discover opportunities for improvement and new coaching tools from highly qualified professionals certified by ICF (we will have a professional coach as a quest).


This course is a part of our ACSTH Program approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF). You will earn 15 hours of synchronous learning of the ACSTH Program.

Completing the initial training will allow you to access the CoachingDancefloor Agile Coaching Certification Program, where you will access extended and personalized accompaniment of mentoring and supervision of coaching practices to consolidate your skills and initial training models.

Certified Agile Coaching Fundamentals training grants 15 Scrum Education Units® (SEU®), which you can leveraging to maintain or renew your Scrum Alliance certification.


May 03 - 05 2022


Time Zone (Europe/Madrid)
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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  • Timezone: Europe/Madrid
  • Date: May 03 - 05 2022
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 7:00 pm




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