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Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM®) English

Our Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM®) Program will guide you to develop skills as a Scrum Master in a structured and planned way to achieve your purpose. We will facilitate and support you to put these skills in to the practice with your teams that are in any level of their maturity with our Scrum Master Certification online.

Advanced course for Scrum Masters who have one or more years of work experience in that role. Prerequisite: CSM

Are you a certified ScrumMaster®️ (CSM®️), who knows the values, practices and applications of Scrum? The next step in your learning journey is to achieve your Advanced Scrum Master (A-CSM℠) certification.

Through our A-CSM, you will get to:

  • Facilitate better conversations with Product Owners, developers, clients, stakeholders and executives.
  • Respond confidently to: resistance to change, lack of commitment, low motivation and unavailability of key people.
  • Increase engagement to foster greater responsibility, commitment, and acceptance.
  • Scale Scrum and Agile beyond a single team.

In our Advanced Certified Scrum Master class you will learn:

  • How to Get the Most Out of Scrum FrameworkRegister for Advanced Certified Scrum Master
  • The history and origins of Scrum
  • How to Compare Alternatives to Scrum
  • Scrum Troubleshooting
  • The details of the leadership style of a successful Scrum Master
  • Event facilitation strategies
  • How to build self-organizing teams
  • How to promote high performance
  • Team development strategies
  • How to encourage continuous improvement in development practices
  • How to educate and assist product owners
  • Approaches to Scaling Scrum
  • Design a growth path for yourself as a Scrum Master.

The objective of the Program is:

  • organize the environment and provide the tools that will support you on the Advanced Scrum Master journey;
  • review theory and information during our workshops;
  • practice skills in your work environment during 5 weeks;
  • carry out individual and group exercises based on real cases and analyze and comment on them during the workshops;
  • validate your professional growth and individual achievements and define the next steps in your career.

Contents of the Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM®) modules

Module 1. The Interview 

  •  Skills and Personality 
  • Motivations 
  • Values Radar 
  • Sell Agile and Scrum 
  • Servant Leadership 

Module 2. Starting the job

  • Company Cultures 
  • Select the Scrum Team 
  • Training the team 
  • Giving and receiving feedback 

Module 3. Building a team

  • Team Formation Stages
  • Team Bootstrap:
  1. Definition of Done
  2. Ground Rules
  3. Technical Setup

Module 4. Service to the team

  • Inspect & adapt meetings 
  • Facilitate meetings 
  • Team Problems 
  • 5 dysfunctions of the team 
  • Coach a Team Member 
  • Managing Conflict 
  • Impediment Removal 

Module 5. Service to the organisation

  • Organizational Impediments 
  • Scaling Frameworks:
  1. Release Planning 
  2. Scaling Technical practices 
  3. Managing Dependencies 
  • Agile transformation 
  • Organisational change 

* Each module is packed with hands-on exercises to guide you on your Scrum Master journey and develop your skills as a great leader, coach, and facilitator.

Benefits of the Course:

  • A-CSM certification through Scrum Alliance upon completion of your individual assignment. You will have two weeks to finish your personal homework.

* Why do we require to complete a personal task? For us it is very important that you acquire the knowledge, practice your skills as a scrum master and grow as a professional.

  • Boost your knowledge with advanced implementation skills.
  • Distinguish yourself in the global market from other Certified Scrum Master (CSM).
  • Stand out in the industry as a member of the globally recognized Scrum Alliance community.
  • Show advanced value to your employer (or potential employer) as a highly trained professional.
  • Maintain your A-CSM by earning Scrum Education Units®️ (SEU) and renewing your certification every two years.
  • Learn more about integrating resources to develop your Scrum Master work successfully.
  • Workbook of our Program and practical templates that will support you to navigate your team and improve the way in which the Scrum and Agile principles and instruments are applied, enhancing the results obtained.
  • 50% discount on our next Certified Agile Coaching Fundamentals course to develop your coaching skills: Certified Agile Coaching Fundamentals English
  • possibility to join our  Certified Scrum Professional – ScrumMaster® (CSP-SM®)

Requirements of our Advanced Certified Scrum Master®:

  • Have a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification with the Scrum Alliance.
  • Attend an A-CSM certified educational offering to gain techniques and skills that go beyond the basic and mechanical concepts of Scrum, expanding into interaction, facilitation, coaching, and team dynamics.
  • Successfully complete all components designed by the trainer.
  • This may include pre- or post-course work to complete the learning objectives as deemed necessary by your trainer.
  • Accept the A-CSM license agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.
  • Demonstrate at least 12 months of specific work experience for the Scrum Master role (within the last five years).

NOTE: You can take the A-CSM course at any time after completing your CSM certification, and you must have at least 12 months of Scrum Master experience registered in your Scrum Alliance profile before you are eligible to receive your A-CSM certification.

Continue your journey to become and Expert Scrum Master and join our Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (A-CSM®)!

Register for Advanced Certified Scrum Master

If you have decided to become a Certified Scrum Professional and are committed to dedicating your effort and time to reach the next level, join our Program and change your life and your organization.

Dates of the workshops

August 5, 2022 (12:00 pm – 2:00 pm CEST) – Introduction

August 12, 2022 (2:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST)

August 19, 2022 (2:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST)

August 26, 2022 (2:00 pm – 6:00 pm CEST)

September 2, 2022 (2:00 pm – 4:00 pm CEST)


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  • mentoring support to grow your Scrum Masters team
  • custom-made  program based on your context and purpose
  • possibility of having a private e-learning platform with 6 months access to all materials, workbooks and templates, where your team will be learning, interacting, communicating, practicing to grow as Expert Scrum Masters.


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  • Date: Aug 05 2022
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