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We can help you develop internal skills to be more responsive to adverse scenarios. With our support, you can not only perform risk scenario planning and create contingency plans and business continuity plans, but you can also simulate threats to test and build Business Resilience.

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We can’t promise that your company will avoid uncertainty and disruptions, but we can help you to build skills and capabilities for responding to disruptions in a better way.

Disruptive innovation capabilities and Resilience

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We are committed to helping you develop resilience in your company so you can respond better to volatility and uncertainty while strengthening your business during chaotic conditions.

Possible questions from the customer

You can focus in one area, in several areas or business units, or in the whole company, depending on the scope of the intervention.

Of the 2,000 companies that participated in the Global Crisis Survey 2019, 69% have experienced a crisis in the last five years, and just under 20% say they have been damaged by such an experience.

Meanwhile, more than 40% say they were “in a better place” postcrisis.
Why wait to learn from a crisis when we can unleash that power in a controlled manner? Are you willing to risk being part of the 20% of companies that have been damaged or even destroyed after a crisis? Only 5% say they do not expect to experience a crisis in the future. Is your company ready?

Crisis simulations help organizations unlock processes, informal structures, external connections, and cultural values. These allow them to confront operational, technological, humanitarian, financial, legal, human capital, market, and reputational crises in a more structured, calm, and successful way. Furthermore, crisis simulation can be the spark that unlocks your true innovation power.

Twenty years ago, new products appeared in the market every year, and disruptive changes happened every decade. Now, new products appear in the market every month, and disruptive changes happen every year.

What will happen 10 years from now? In a decade, Agile won’t be enough. We’ll need to build a new level of adaptability and resilience so organizations can recover quickly from unexpected difficulties.

Contingency plans are not enough. These plans should be tested to ensure effectiveness. Crisis simulation helps organizations to overcome extreme changes in the market and adjust faster to new conditions. As important, crisis simulation also helps organizations to themselves become the disruptive change in the market.

If you want to decrease uncertainty while overcoming crisis scenarios, we are ready to unleash your talents and achieve success together. Our highly qualified coaches, led by Ángel Díaz-Maroto, are ready to support you.