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We are committed to creating success cases, not acquiring as many customers as possible. Instead, we partner with select clients for results that can be achieved only with committed customers and top-class consultants and coaches.

Your success is our mission. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, we are ready to partner with you to achieve the greatest results in the industry.

Possible questions from the customer

Yes, your commitment is nonnegotiable, but you can decide how much of our support you are ready to hire.

  • Setting a vision and a scope of your transformation
  • Analyzing the context (structure, culture, processes, and leadership)
  • Building internal transformation teams
  • Defining overall strategy
  • Running four transformation blocks (three months each)
    • Analyze the current situation
    • Perform improvement iteration
      • Set goals
      • Achieve goals through training, coaching, guidance, and consulting
      • Measure results
    • Learn from the process
    • Plan future actions

In our experience, those are lack of commitment, unskilled support, unclear goals or expectations, neglecting the cultural factor and focusing only on process changes, and blaming traditional approaches and initiatives.

Our approach is based on leadership development and cultural change to enable Agile processes and practices. For that, we use mainly Scrum, Scaled Scrum, LeSS, Kanban, Lean, and other approaches for professional coaching, systems coaching, and human development.

Experience tells us that organizations need involvement, sponsorship, and commitment from the highest senior management in the target area for the transformation. The involvement of this person is particularly important when defining the transformation vision, goals, and results review.

Even though a true digital transformation should involve the whole organization, it’s possible to start in any department and then progressively expand to the others.

The Problem with Coaching Agile Teams

In today’s world, many organizations are gradually shifting towards Agile-oriented operations and practices in order to have a competitive advantage. As such, they begin to search for professionals who have some form of experience in coaching Agile teams

Unfortunately, in a bid to find a seasoned Agile transformation coach, they often end up with inexperienced entry-level practitioners who are only concerned with selling hours. Consequently, this leads to dissatisfaction and frustration on the part of the client organization. 

Our Solution 

We care about providing long-term solutions to our clients’ Agile needs. With over ten years of experience in certified Agile coaching, we help you achieve visible results in no time at all. We don’t just focus on coaching Agile teams. We also help you become self-reliant and enable you to take charge of your Agile operations in no time at all. 

Cutting-edge certified Agile coaching 

With our in-depth understanding of Agile operations and experience in coaching Agile teams, our team of trainers and coaches provide top-to-bottom guidance on how to boost agility and sustain competitive change within your organization. 

We begin by setting a vision with our clients and mapping out an efficient strategy to be implemented during the course of the training program

The strategy will be implemented in four three-month-long stages, with scalable milestones and goals to track progress. These stages will be divided into a series of improvement iterations that involve in depth training, guidance and agile coaching from our team of Agile transformation coaches

If you are committed to make Agile a reality in your business, we are your top-level partner, ready to make you our next success case. Highly skilled professionals personally led by Angel Diaz-Maroto are ready to make it happen.