About us

We unleash the true power in organizations by helping people develop capabilities for responding to today’s always-changing market conditions.

Disruptions in the market are more frequent than ever, and the current business environment demands that organizations adapt faster to their customers’ needs. We help customers boost their organizational Agility and Resilience—making them more responsive to changes and, ultimately, more successful.

Angel Diaz-Maroto is a business consultant and professional coach with more than 20 years of experience in training, consulting, and coaching. Angel is among a select few people in the world who hold all the following Agile accreditations from the Scrum Alliance:
In addition, Angel holds the following accreditations:

As a team of elite professionals who embody the highest standards of expertise, we pursue true excellence in every engagement. That is our watermark.

We stand apart. When we get a lead, we don’t search for consultants on LinkedIn. We don’t play with the ambiguity of the word “certification” and send consultants who have completed a 101 class but are “experts” or “coaches” in name only. We don’t send dozens of consultants to work for the customers at scale. We don’t embed consultants within the customer for years to serve as a cash cow. That is not our business model.

We are a professional coaching company, and we help our customers grow while they run their own transformations.

We are recognized around the world as experts in Agile and professional coaching, with years of experience and the highest qualifications. We are not “headhunters” or “project hunters”—and we are not always available, because we perform our interventions ourselves.

We won’t run your transformation initiative for you, because we know this doesn’t work. We focus on developing capabilities to make our customers grow, and we don’t scale to reach as many customers as possible. Instead, we focus on an exclusive set of customers.

We foster close relationships to build success cases—and only success cases. To this end, each of our interventions is personally supervised by our founder, Angel Diaz-Maroto. Because we care.

Trusted Professional, Dynamic Speaker,
Your Partner in Excellence

For 14 years, Angel’s expert guidance has helped organizations and Agile professionals from more than 40 countries achieve remarkable growth.

Angel’s contribution has been particularly noticeable in the multinational banking and financial services corporation ING (one of the world’s most influential Agile case studies). Since 2009, he has led the Agile transformation of ING Spain. As chairman of the Goal ING Agile Expert Group, he has contributed to the Agile transformation of ING business units in more than 15 countries.

Through coaching, consulting, and training, Angel has contributed to the success of dozens of companies, including Toyota, King, Banco de Chile, Falabella, SunHotels, Lietuvos draudimas, BBVA, Coca-Cola, Emirates NBD, TUI, Lufthansa, and Banco Provincia.

A trusted professional in the international Agile community, Angel is a celebrated speaker at the most important Agile conferences around the world. He has already spoken at more than 60 international conferences and Agile events in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. A frequent guest speaker in international universities, he has been a significant contributor in the field of Agile since 2009.

Angel’s passion and commitment to personal growth and professional excellence set the highest possible standard for the entire team. We partner with our customers to build success cases that benefit every level of their organizations, from the executive suite to the trenches. This spirit of authenticity, caring, and pragmatism can be felt in everything we do.